This is bad news to individuals who are into bestiality. Sorry folks, they’ll be no more animal sex tourism to Denmark, local media has reported. Reportedly, it was perfectly legal for people to have sex with animals in Denmark, so long as the animal consented, sorry, was not injured.

The country has passed a new law which now makes it illegal to gain canal knowledge of animals. This is indeed bad news for news for animal lovers who take the ‘loving’ a bit too far.

The plan was first announced last year when a survey showed that 67 per cent of people supported the ban. Yes, that means 33 per cent of people didn’t support it or weren’t bothered either way.

The writers of the law argue that animals can’t consent. Farm Minister Dan Jørgensen said: ‘The current legislation does not protect animals enough.

It’s hard to prove that an animal suffers when human has sexual intercourse with it, and that is why we must give the animal the benefit of the doubt.’

A survey in 2011 found that 17 per cent of vets in Denmark suspected that an animal they had treated had had sex with a human. But if you thought this is a Crazy Monday hoax, think again.

There are countries where animals continue to feel the heat as bestiality run wild. In countries such as Brazil, Cambodia, Finland, Hungary, Mexico, Romania, Thailand and some states in the U.S.