Does your husband insist on going for evening drinks in Hurligham, even if your residence is along Mombasa Road? Has your partner ever told you that he goes for massage to ease work related pressure?

You have a reason to worry.

Chances are that if goes to massage parlors in Hurligham, then lithe, beautiful, young masseurs actually help him release his so-called pressure, but through ‘pleasure’ with a ‘happy ending’.

While Nairobi West is synonymous with alcohol, Hurligham has become the capital centre of erotica.  

For Sh700, one can enjoy a full body rub, which climaxes into a happy ending if you can part with an extra Sh500.

Located  in Hurligham and even in residential areas, these ‘massage parlors’ are actually thinly veiled sex dens that have now attracted a fast growing clientele looking for sex.

Initially, it never made sense why many men, even those who live along Thika Road, would insist on driving to Hurligham for a few drinks. 

Within two hours

This is what happens.  As others drink, one sneaks out for a  massage lasting  less than half an hour. Once done, the next man leaves the table and meanders across the footpaths, to the same parlor. Within two hours,  four friends not only enjoy a few beers, but a massage with a happy ending, too.

According to our investigations, the cash is paid to the cashier before the massage, and the lady paid later after ‘servicing’ the client.

Once he has paid, a prospective customer with ‘executive stress’ is led to a dimly lit room,  spicy scent wafting.

After five or so minutes of a hastily done job on the back, the masseuse, who only wears a bra and lacy panties, can perform something oral for Sh500 or the ‘checking oil’ type for Sh1,500 over and above the Sh700 for massage.

A regular adherent there informed us that a young woman who would do with adult education classes  from sourced from Dagoretti by a distant cousin with promise of working in a salon. But she was shocked she was to become a masseur ...with a chance to offer ‘extras’ such as ‘happy endings’ for Sh500.

Erotic masseurs

The girl refused and was fired on the spot.

In an article published earlier by The Nairobian, we established that a growing number of married city women regularly seek the services of erotic masseurs. 

Our enquiries indicate that ‘mobile’ masseurs are the most popular as they can be called to the women’s marital homes during the day or in hotel rooms.

The only man who agreed to be interviewed for this story says he is a professional masseur but earns more by having sex with his clients.

Nick, who is in his late 20s, says he has been in the business since last February 2013 and “I can’t complain”.

“I’ve got only four widows, and a couple of divorcees. The rest are married women,” Nick says.

He, however, says the key challenge in the job is that you can never know exactly what a woman wants. That some have mood swings, so one has to go slow and see if she wants a ‘happy ending’.

“There are some women who keep quiet all through the massage and then when I have left, they send me a text calling me useless and good for nothing,” says Nick, who wishes her clients could be more open about their desires.

Two women per day

Nick services a maximum of two women per day though he prefers to only have one massage session per day.

 “The problem isn’t even the sex, the problem lies in satisfying a client in all ways. It can get tiring,” he says, adding that demand has been so high that he now has to work on Saturdays.

“I go to church on Sunday then I visit my mother. I am very religious, mine is a job like any other,” he says.

He says he started out as a regular masseurs before one white lady, asked him for a ‘happy ending’.

Says Nick: “I wasn’t shocked. I had heard such things happen to my colleagues and I was just waiting for that opportunity. She introduced me to two of her friends and within four months I quit my job and started doing home rounds.”