Tanasha Donna and Diamond Platnumz are rumoured to have broken up.

Hardly a year has gone by since popular Bongo Flava singer Diamond Platnumz and his Kenyan girlfriend Tanasha Donna started dating.

When news of the couple’s relationship first hit the internet streets, several netizens didn’t believe they would have a happily ever after and as predicted, a year and a baby later, Tanasha has reportedly packed her bags and left.

On social media, Tanasha unfollowed Diamond, his mother Mama Dangote, sisters Esma Platmuz and Queen Darleen as well as WCB’s Rayvanny, Mbosso and Lava Lava.

It is not clear what prompted the tiff, with Diamond remaining tight-lipped on the issue and going about his life normally while still following Tanasha on social media.

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Before their break up about a week ago, Tanasha took to her social media to caution individuals from dating narcissistic partners and advised anyone already in the situation to pray.

“People like this have no soul and humanity left in them. Pure evil. It’s like dancing with the devil. Forgive them, walk away and let God deal with their Karma. The narcissists always believe that karma won’t hit them until it does.

“Sometimes it takes experience and realization to learn, pray hard every day! Five times a day if possible. Because dealing with a narcissist is like dealing with the devil himself. Protect your soul,” advised Tanasha.

No wedding

Questions and doubts started looming over the couple's relationship after their much-anticipated wedding kept being postponed until it was no more.

According to Diamond Platnumz’s half-sister Queen Darleen who opened the lid on the much talked about wedding, Diamond was not ready to commit to marriage and as therefore, would not settle down anytime soon.

Tanasha Donna.

After having a long talk with her brother, Queen Darleen said she understood Diamond was not ready for marriage and the commitment that comes with it as it might hurt his brand and make him lose his female fanbase.

“He and I often talk about matters of marriage and relationships. Diamond fears locking himself up in a marital cage. He says he wants to settle down when he is ready, and I don’t think he is currently up for it,” said Darleen.

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I will never cheat on you

With no wedding and well aware of Diamond’s long list of ex-lovers, Tanasha Donna set the record straight sometime last year on what to expect should Diamond’s eyes stray.

“I love my baby daddy but if he f*** another b****, I won’t ever touch him (he knows it),” posted Tanasha.

Diamond responded to Tanasha’s post using the Ntampata Wapi song lyrics professing his undying love to her promising never to cheat.

“Sura yako mtaratibu, mwenye macho ya aibu, kukucheat sitoweza maana nakupenda sana,” Diamond wrote.