OPINION: It's time America acts according to its status


There have been cases of racial injustices for decades now despite efforts from a good number of American leaders eg Martin Luther King Jr., activists, human rights bodies and other groups of interests from America and across the world.

The fact that racism is still an issue in the modern world baffles me. I mean, we are in the 21st century and these are some of the things that we shouldn't be talking about because now what will be the difference between us and the uncivilized people who died hundreds of years ago?

First, I have seen whites join in the protests against the black racism following the death of Minneapolis based George Floyd.

This only tells me one thing that Americans are not the problem but the system is.

The politics and economics of America are set in a way that the Blacks are usually on the receiving end of everything and it's been like that for years.

Secondly, I saw them break into shops and malls to loot, burn and cause havoc just like we do in Africa and Kenya to be specific.

The question now comes, is there any difference between a black and a white man? Absolutely none.

If science is anything to go by, the only difference between blacks and whites is the melanin, which is just a single gene coding for color and nothing more.

Listen to them talk, no difference at all. 

I am a tired man. I don't expect some things from people I consider civilized and advanced.

How do you consider yourself advanced in technology and democracy if you cannot uphold simple humanity?

How do you even call yourself a leader if you can't put in place measures to serve your people equally?

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