How deep and solid is your foundation?


I always say if you want to build a solid foundation for your family, you cannot separate it from God Almighty.

Those solid families you admire did not just spring from nowhere. A man and a woman came together and build it. They used the right measurements. They used the right quantity of cement, blocks, water and whatever materials are needed to build a lasting foundation.

You cannot pick up a person in a pub and the next thing is you are calling him/ her your spouse. That is shaky foundation. Very shaky.

The foundations of individuals, in this present world, are and have been crumbling.

Characteristics of a good foundation:

• Built on rock: The Bible gives the example of foundations that are built on sand. They cannot withstand the extreme harsh weather conditions that hit them from all directions.

• Dig deep: Do not be content with shallow deals. Go deep. If it is a business partnership you want to engage in, then go deep.

Go on a serious fact-finding mission to be sure you are doing the right thing. If you are considering marriage, take time to deeply know your partner. Read your Bible deeply and it will be well with you.

• Build with the right materials. If you build using inferior materials then you are limiting the life span of that project.

• Strength: The foundation should be strong and durable to withstand the weather. In all our individual engagements, strength of character is required.

Look at David for instance. His character was strong in the midst of adversity. He refused to waver and remained focused focus on God. David’s name has lived on as a man who deeply worshipped God because he had laid a deep foundation.

• Weight: It is an indication of stability of structures such as dams, retaining walls. Spiritually, we are required to equally watch the weight we accord certain matters. A father who leads his family in prayer daily knows where his heaviest weight lies and great is the reward for such a father.

Let your foundation of life rest on God the Father. You will never collapse in your world.

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