An incident involving Senator Karen Nyamu, her lover, musician Samidoh, and his wife in a Dubai hotel scandalised Kenyans and got people talking for days.  But there are those who believe the drama was staged to gain fame or ‘clout chasing’ as they call it on the interwebs. They wouldn’t be the first Kenyan celebrities to clout chase through  absurd antics.

Vera Sidika
Socialite Vera Sidika confessed that she had undergone a cosmetic reduction surgery, following health complications. The socialite even shared a photo of her deflated backside.
Kenyans would alter realize that it was a song she was promoting. Some praised her for the antics while others were not so pleased.

Willy Paul
While promoting a song called Lenga with Size 8, Will Paul posted on social media that size 8 had blocked him.
“Size 8, you blocked me on Instagram just like that. Four years now. Is that what God’s people do? Surely ni gospel gani hii? Ata simu zangu hushiki. Thought tulikuwa brother and sister. Anyway thanks a lot woman of God. Remember no one is perfect,”
This got the attention of Kenyans before, realizing that they had been played yet again.

Nadia Mukami
In 2021 while promoting a song called Nipe yote, the singer took to her social media accounts claiming to have found love, posing with male video vixen, who was her love interest in the video.
“Being in the limelight, you need someone who loves you for you. Someone who sees you outside the fame, money, attention, gossip, ridicule and insults. Someone who speaks to your soul and you are just that!” she captioned on her Instagram.
She added: “I should have met you earlier to experience this kind of love but I know it is not late. We are from two different ethnicities but our Love overcomes that! I love you so much Priyan. The next celebrity couple.”

Eric Omondi
You cannot talk about clout chasing in Kenya without mentioning comedian, Eric Omondi. On one of his social media posts he stated.
“Entertainment is like the ocean. It takes every form. What most people refer to as CLOUT is actually entertainment in its PUREST FORM!!! I Really laugh when I continually hear people calling me a CLOUT Chaser. Aren’t you Entertained anyway???
He added: “I am the most PROLIFIC ENTERTAINER Kenya has ever had, HISTORY will Prove me right. Everything I do and say is aimed at ENTERTAINING YOU!!! I have CONSCIOUSLY decided to be EXTRAORDINARY and most people are not used to that...People are used to ORDINARY and NORMAL but I Say that is just BORING and Basic!!! God has offered us a wonderful life and we have to give it and Live our BEST!!!