President William Ruto (right), his deputy Rigathi Gachagua (centre) and Prime CS Musalia Mudavadi during a past event. [PCS]

The National Treasury has assigned some Sh800m for the purchase of cars for Prezzo Bill Ruto, his Deputy Riggy G and Prime Cabinet Secretary Musalia Mudavadi aka Ma-DvD.

This is as it should be. The Kenya Kwanza brigade must take care of the Big Three, they could even make it their Big Three Agenda.

After all, one cannot expect these three powerful men to use old vehicles, perhaps ten years or older, since Prezzo UK got into power.

We're assuming, of course, that Prezzo UK bought his fleet when he first took office and he did not upgrade for the duration he was in office.

And if one were to believe Riggy G, the office of the Deputy Prezzo did not receive financial disbursements for the last four years, so we'd assume no vehicles were purchased for his predecessor.

A clip doing its round on social media features the Malawian leader Lazarus Chakwera scolding public servants for their high appetite for public funds, especially in the purchase of high-end vehicles, instead of building toilets and markets.

Chakwera led by example, declining the pressure buy new cars for himself. He says leaders who want to drive high-end vehicles are at liberty to buy them using their own money.

But we're not Malawians. We're Kenyans and power must be exercised, mainly through the purchase of fuel guzzlers for our leaders, even when we virtually have no roads to drive on - which is why they adorn flags to allow them to ride on the wrong side of the road.