The employees of the top private hospital want their salaries reviewed. [File, Standard]

The employees of a top private hospital in Nairobi are on a go-slow following a dispute over salaries.

The workers want the hospital’s management to review their monthly salaries.

The employees sent a memo to their chief executive officer, saying they’re undergoing tough economic times that can only be addressed through an urgent review of their pay.

“The tradition of the hospital is slowly eroding away by imposing tactics of divide and rule. The cake at the hospital is big enough for all the departments, and not just for one section (nursing),” they said in their letter.

“Inflation and hard economic times have affected us all. This act has disgruntled staff across the departments; clinical and non-clinical,” the aggrieved employees said.

They said it was the second time they were lamenting over the same grievances.

“We are kindly requesting you to look into this issue and treat it with the urgency it requires. It is in light of this development that we seek physical address by your office on December 9, 2022, from 12 noon.” (sic)

The workers said they’ll minimise their services until their grievances are addressed.

“Kindly note there will be a go-slow across all departments at the aforementioned time as we seek a way forward with you.”