Terror suspect arrested for attempting to bribe policeman in Nairobi


Police claim the terror suspect might have been targeting to attack the nightspot on Lang’ata Road. [File, Standard]

Authorities have arrested a terror suspect for allegedly attempting to bribe a policeman in Nairobi.

The suspect, a Somali national, allegedly approached a police officer on patrol at 2am on Saturday, November 13 at the Lang’ata Shopping Centre, and asked for information about a popular Lang’ata Road joint, ostensibly to plan an attack.

“The suspect sought to know on which day of the week a popular joint on Lang’ata Road hosts the largest number of patrons. The [police] officer was puzzled by the questions from the suspect, who posed as an ordinary civilian seeking general information,” the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) said on Twitter.

“When the officer hesitated to respond, the suspect offered a reward of Sh180,000 in exchange for the information that was not forthcoming,” said the DCI.

The police officer became suspicious of the suspect and arrested him.

Upon search, Sh156,000 ($1,396) was found on the suspect, police said.

As of the time of publishing this story, the suspect was being grilled by counterterrorism detectives.

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