Fans queue for free tattoos to celebrate their first Brazilian league title in 50 years

New Brazilian soccer champions Atletico Mineiro's fans get free tattoos to celebrate team's first title win in 50 years, in Belo Horizonte, Brazil December 6, 2021. REUTERS

Hundreds of Atletico Mineiro supporters queued in the pouring rain on Monday for a free tattoo offered by the club's sponsor to celebrate their first Brazilian league title in 50 years.

Atletico clinched the Serie A title nL1N2SN3BB on Dec. 2 with a 3-2 victory at Bahia that prompted wild celebrations across the club's home state of Minas Gerais.

The team then lifted the trophy nL1N2SQ0GG in front of 62,000 fans on Sunday after beating Red Bull Bragantino 4-3.

Immediately after they secured the title, homebuilder MRV offered free tattoos to 1,000 supporters as a way to celebrate. The first fan began queueing on Sunday around 10 p.m.

By Monday morning there were hundreds more behind him, even though the day was grey and wet.

MRV hired 30 tattoo artists to ink the designs at the stadium it is currently building for the club.

They were offered four designs: a rooster, which is the club symbol, the league trophy, the new MRV Arena or a fourth option which reads "O Galo Ganhou (The Rooster Won) 02.12.2021."

Fans had to be over 18, provide proof of a COVID-19 vaccination and hand over one kg of dry goods for charity.

"I've always had Galo in my heart and now I have them on my skin," said Terezinha das Graças Lancuna, a 73-year-old who got a tattoo of the rooster on the inside of her left arm.

"I'm so emotional," she said through tears. "I never thought I would have the courage (to go through with it). Look how beautiful it is."

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