Bayern Munich's Lucas Hernandez now faces prison time

Bayern Munich defender Lucas Hernandez in action for France in the Nations League against Belgium [Courtesy]

The 32nd Criminal Court in Madrid, Spain, has ordered the imprisonment of Bayern Munich defender Lucas Hernandez, according to Spanish publication AS.

Through a notice issued on September 14, the UEFA Nations League winner is ordered to appear in court in six days to choose a prison within 10 days.

"Mr. Lucas François Bernard Hernández is summoned to appear in this Court on October 19 at 11am, in order to be personally required to enter voluntarily within 10 days in the Penitentiary center of your choice,” reads the notice.

The case dates back to February 2010 when Hernandez was still an Atletico Madrid player. On the 3rd of that month, Hernandez and his wife Amelia de la Osa Lorente had a quarrel in the middle of the street.

A Madrid court sentenced both to 31 days of community service and put up a restraining order that also banned them from communicating for six months.

They both ignored the court order and proceeded to go on honeymoon.

Authorities caught up with them as they returned from their honeymoon on June 13 at the Adolfo Suárez-Madrid Barajas Airport where they landed from a Miami flight.

The player was detained and placed under the Court of Violence Against Women but was later released. His wife, however, was not arrested, as the court had not yet informed her of the restraining order.

The 35th Criminal Court of Madrid then sentenced Hernandez to a year in prison, stating that he had ignored his accommodation sentence.

His lawyers’ appeal to have the sentence suspended or replaced for community work bore no fruit – the player had failed to complete the 31 days enforced on him in 2017. They have now filed an appeal against that sentence.

Whatever the case, Hernandez must appear in court on October 19 and choose the Penitentiary Center he wishes to enter within 10 days.

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