Baby theft ring: Two NMS staff arrested

By - Jan 1st 1970

Two employees of the defunct Nairobi Metropolitan Services (NMS) accused of stealing a baby from the Mama Lucy Kibaki Hospital have a case to answer, a Nairobi court has ruled.

The two were charged with stealing three infants aged eight days and two weeks, and two months respectively from the hospital on diverse dates between March and November 2020.

The magistrate said that the prosecution had proven the case beyond reasonable doubt that the two knowingly caused the three infants to be in need of care and protection by failing to protect them despite their position.

The two are expected to take to the stand on March to prove their innocence.

One of the accused persons told the court that he will give unsworn evidence while his co-accused said that she will give sworn evidence. The two were arrested following a shocking investigation story and how they were caught on camera receiving money from the deal.

Unknowingly, they assisted the crew and the undercover cops to buy the babies from the hospital before they were arrested.

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