Akothee and her daughter Vesha Okello. [Courtesy]

Akothee has heaped praises on her firstborn daughter Vesha as she prepares to pursue her second degree.

Expressing her joy via social media, the proud mother of five described Vesha Okello as the ideal life guide, encouraging her to keep working hard.

“Life doesn't come with a manual, it comes with another @veshashaillan keep your head high above the world's expectations. No one has plans for you better have plans for yourself,” she wrote.

The Lotto crooner went on to encourage the younging to strive for success, revealing that she is looking forward to her attaining her second degree.

“People see the value in you and that's what's attractive about success. Can't wait for this second-degree nyarkamagambo @veshashaillan,” she added.

First degree


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Vesha graduated with a Bachelor of Commerce (BCom) degree from Strathmore University in 2020, an achievement her mother celebrated greatly. According to Akothee, taking her children through school has always been her priority and will ensure they get the best of it.

“The journey has not been easy, from draining my accounts to Zero just to see you succeed. It's because of you that I never settled in Europe / diaspora. Most of the men who wanted me just wanted me alone and nothing to do with my kids. My principles and rules remained. My children are a priority in each and every relationship, If you don't want, kanyaga kubwa kubwa and that's why I settled for baba Oyoo who was much older, but accepted me with my baggage,” she wrote.

Opening up on her parenting style, the businesswoman revealed that she had never once set foot in her daughter’s school as she trusted her to manage finances well.

“For the four years of Vesha’s University, I have never set foot in Strathmore University. I don't even know how it looks like nor its bank details. I transfer school fees to my children’s accounts and they can choose to pay or spend the money. It's none of my business. (I am a very irresponsible mother, my parenting skills are different). After 18 you are old enough to marry so whatever you want to do with your life is your choice, but just know, off cameras, I am a tough disciplinarian, no nonsense mother.”

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Vesha’s sister, Celine Okello aka Rue Baby too graduated from Strathmore not too long ago.

Akothee took to social media in celebration revealing that her daughter had given her the easiest time as a parent while in school. 

“Congratulations my darling, you made parenting easy for me, you understood the assignment... If God asks me for another bunch of kids, I will still choose you & your siblings.

“I have no idea where this school called Strathmore is! I don't even know the account details nor the bank they bank with…I just transfer money into your account with hope you will either choose to spend or pay for your future,” wrote Akothee.