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Actress Carrol Muthoni has spoken for the first time about her future relationship plans months after breaking up with comedian Mulamwah.

Responding to numerous questions asked by curious fans on her YouTube channel over what happened between her and Mulamwah, the social media influencer chose to ignore the persistent question, choosing to focus on her next step.

According to Carrol, getting into a new relationship is the least of her concerns at the moment explaining that marriage and relationships have seized to be her thing.

“Will I ever fall in love again? Well, I’m not planning to but if it comes, why not. For me, marriage and relationship is not my portion for now alright.

“I wouldn’t want to get into another relationship, I am just giving myself time. Time for me, time for myself, I need to you know, focus on myself and I need to build myself before I can allow myself to be with someone else. So at the moment no, I am not planning to get into another relationship,” she said.

Asked what she has been up to, the actress stated that her priority was making sure she and her baby are fine in all aspects adding that she has moved on.


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“I am up to so many things. I’m up to building myself, making sure I am good mentally, financially, spiritually, emotionally and making sure my baby is fine. Basically now everything is all about me.

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“I have moved on and let me tell you, moving on does not mean I have to physically have someone I’m dating, no!” she went on.

Break up

Speaking in a previous radio interview, Carrol disclosed that her relationship ended because of something serious she did. In her explanation, Mulamwah could not overlook her mistake and decided to end their relationship.

“Maybe I was too good. Yes, I wronged him, but we move. He posted a new girl, its good it's something that I expected, so it has not shocked me. I don't know if they have been together, but it's someone that I know. Now it's time to focus on my baby and create my own content and grow myself,” she said.

Following their break up Carrol revealed that she had to let go of everything including the social media accounts Mulamwah had set up for her after endlessly arguing over them.

“Sometimes I think it is good to accept loss. Let me just say, Carrol Sonie, I am not managing it, I don’t own the account. I don’t have it, I am not managing it, I don’t run it. I run my own account that I have started. I decided to start afresh because you know also it's just best I start afresh and accept things went the way they went and It’s time to move on. What happened was that my ex and I came to a disagreement about the account and I personally just don’t like that back and forth so I started over,” she said.

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