What to consider when camping. 

Camping is an awesome way of experiencing nature and the outdoors. It is also a good way of calming one’s mind and connecting with nature. Like many outdoor adventures, there are guidelines to follow if one is to enjoy a drama-free experience. Here are some tips. 

As always, do research on the camping ground – what are the dos and don’ts, do you need your own camping equipment or does the destination have arrangements for this?

Ensure you have all the equipment and other requirements a day or two before the camping expedition. 

Include a first-aid kit and a sleeping bag if you are camping in the wilderness.

Practice setting up camp if this is your first time going out camping.

Ensure you confirm you have all that you need a final time before departure. Keep a checklist.

If you are going to a public camping site, confirm that there is space for camping, especially during peak time. If possible, make a reservation.

Finally, when you set up your tent observe the following:

Do not leave any food or leftovers in the open as this may attract wild animals. Remember the rule is not to feed the wild animals in their natural environment.

If you are on a public campsite, be mindful of other campers. Do not distract by playing music, or having conversations that make other campers uncomfortable.

Inquire and follow the rules of lighting a fire at the camping ground, ensuring you always extinguish the fire completely as failure to do so might cause dire consequences.

If the camping site has washrooms with sinks, do not use them for the purposes of cleaning dishes or washing clothes. Always ensure you pack equipment to do such in case no facilities are provided at the camping site.

Carry trash dumping bags or equipment and do not throw trash around the camp. Always clear trash within and around your tent after you are done camping.

Last but not least, take nothing but memories, leave nothing but footprints.