Betty Kyalo and ex-boyfriend Nick Ndeda. 

There was quite a spectacle on Saturday evening at a popular city club in Kilimani, Nairobi, after media personality Betty Kyalo encountered her ex Nick Ndeda.

It all started when Betty, chic and semi-casually dressed, entered the club in the company of a young-looking man. The two were directed to a reserved table at the club’s VIP section and offered a couple of drinks later.

However, after a few minutes, when Betty was busy snuggling with her company, Nick showed up at the club with a young-looking female friend.

The club was busy that evening and filled with Nigerians celebrating Nigerian National Independence Day.

It’s safe to assume that both couples were unaware of each other’s presence at the club as Nick, who had a blonde hair look and smoked as he entered, headed in the same direction as Betty.

Nick and his female friend were offered a seat in the VIP section, next to where Betty was cuddling with her date. Unfortunately, at this point, the two couples spotted each other, creating an awkward moment between them.


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But Betty was not about to let the awkwardness ruin her pleasant time as she walked away with her friend and opted to sit at another place where Nick was not in sight.