Singer Shay Diva. (Courtesy/Instagram)

Shay Diva is all about the soft life. She is beautiful, sassy and enjoys exquisite things, and she does not mind the gold and diamonds that life showers her with.

The performer and songwriter behind the hit single, Bad Woman, is without doubt one of the flashiest celebs around.

Although she maintains she is humble and down-to-earth, she enjoys the fineer things in life with a big spoon. “I do not consider myself flashy or living lavishly. It is the bloggers and the media that are obsessed with my lifestyle,” she told Pulse.

At the moment, she is having a good time in Turkey, and she insinuated that she has had her teeth done to what is commonly known as ‘Hollywood Smile’. This type of procedure is characterised by two symmetrical rows of teeth, all uniform in shape and the teeth are sparkling bright.

Shay further posted that the procedure cost Sh550,000. “I am still in pain from the procedure, but it was worth it,” she said.