Laura Ogolla ‘Oyier’           Photo: Felix Kavii

Pulse: First and foremost how much did you owe the Hotel Intercontinental? Laura: I owed them approximately Sh230,000.

P: Were you there alone or was the rumoured secret lover of Nigerian descent with you? L: There was no Nigerian and I do not have a secret lover. I checked in alone and during my stay I had a few friends visit from time to time.

P: So how did all this happen? L: During my stay I made payments. When you check into a hotel they cannot give you access to a room without paying. So I paid when I entered and during my stay. I asked for an extension of one a half weeks, which constituted the Sh230,000.

P: How long was your stay? L: I stayed for a few weeks with the intention of staying longer since I had not checked out. It was abrupt and overplayed so the management involved security, who informed the police and I ended up in court.

P: So you were arrested? L: Sort of; we drove to the KICC police station and I was there when the case was being filed.

P: Did you expect it to blow up? L: No, I did not. The media did all this. I went to court and before I knew it my name was all over. I did not call them or ask for it.

P: How was the bill settled? L: The bill was settled in an unexpected way because I was called by people from Radio Africa Group and I had to go on a particular day to talk. I met Caroline Mutoko and a financial controller.

P: Was it a contribution? L: No, it was not; I have to work for the money; currently I am undergoing some training at the station.

P: How did you settle the Sh100,000 bond? L: I did a bank transfer.

P: Are you a socialite? Laura: I have never called myself a socialite. Some people do because they don’t know how to describe me. I am just me. It is other people’s opinion that is out there in the media with no clarification from me.

P: So what exactly do you do? Laura: I am a singer and businesswoman; I run a band and rent out recording equipment. Let’s just say I am in the business of selling entertainment. Just because I was not known before as a singer does not mean I wasn’t doing it.

P: Are you married? L: No, I’m not married and I am not interested in marriage or children. P: In a relationship then... Laura: No. I have been single for four years.

P: Have you been to Europe or North America? L: Yes, I have. I’m well-travelled. Even at the private school I was in, we would have trips locally and abroad so I have been travelling since childhood.

P: What do you have to say about the bleaching allegations? L: I am a juicy black woman and I have not bleached as you can testify. To the untrained eye very good high quality makeup with good lighting and camera can alter your skin colour. I’m a girly-girl and I love fashion and nice things and that starts with my skin.

P: Where do you currently reside? L: I live alone in Nairobi, for security purposes I cannot reveal where exactly.

P: Are you using any injections on your face or lips? L: No way. I’m a black woman with full features, which come naturally. It is all in my DNA.

P: What projects are you involved in with the new-found fame? L: I have a talk show coming up; I’m currently in training for radio at Kiss 100 for a reality show I am working on. I am also collaborating with some liquor brand to take the Laura Show on the road together with some other products I may become the ambassador of. I am still singing and I’m not going to stop. That’s what makes Laura, Laura.

P: What kind of music do you do? L: I am not restricted to any genre but I lean towards neo-soul and R’n’B.

P: Those who know you, know you as Laura Ogolla. Why the sudden change to Laura Oyier? L: People refer to me as Oyier like Peter and Michael Oyier although we are not related. So people picked it up. I didn’t ask for Ogolla to be dropped.

P: Bearing in mind your lifestyle, are you a millionaire? L: Yes, I am. In Iranian riyals (laughs).