Gospel singer Kambua [Instagram]

Gospel singer Kambua has urged netizens to constantly check up on their close friends or loved ones going through child loss.

Sharing the message on her Instastory, the former Rauka show host began by stating that she is still not ready to address the loss of her second child but will be sure to speak about it one day.

"The smallest coffins are the heaviest. One day I'll tell you about that. Not today but someday," she said.

According to Kambua, losing a baby is one of the most devastating things and because of this urges any fan with a friend or family member going through the journey of loss to accord them more care and grace.

"If you know somebody who has had a miscarriage, stillbirth, infant loss, call them, text them now if you can. Let them know they are loved. Let them know their baby mattered," she added.

About a year ago, the bubbly TV presenter suffered the loss of her newborn son, Malachi Manundu Muthiga Mathu, just days after delivery.

Revealing the devastating news on her social media, Kambua stated that her secondborn succumbed to birth-related complications not long after he was born.

"What a privilege it has been carrying a life yet again. My little baby boy Malachi made a grand entrance into the world a few days ago. He was everything we hoped for, and more, much more. Perfect in every way. Malachi knew how much he was loved, and so he did all he could to stay with us. With the help of a most dedicated team of doctors & nurses, our little baby fought, until Jesus healed him by taking him to Himself. Malachi is now free from pain, and any worldy care," she wrote in part.

Speaking in a previous interview on the experience of losing her child, Kambua expressed that it was tough.

"I can never thank you enough for walking this journey with us, with all its briars and thorns. Every single call, text, gift, visit, prayer, have all worked together to steadily lift and set me on a path to healing. I thank you! I love you all SO much.

"I am so blessed to be a mother of two adorable boys; one who's here giving me the best cuddles, and another in heaven, who I'll one day hold again. Jesus and I are going to have to co-parent on this one. As for my broken heart, I know that someday I will meet Jesus, and it will be made whole," she added.

She however thanked her family and friends for holding her hand and helping her stay afloat.

"Love lifts. Love has truly lifted me, from a place of deep pain & despair. The love of God, my keeper... The love of each and every one of you who cried with me held me, prayed for me and my family," she wrote on Instagram.