DJ Mo and Size 8. [Instagram]

Following rumours that they were at loggerheads, celebrity couple DJ Mo and Size 8 set the record straight on Wednesday through their YouTube channel.

Speaking at their construction site, the couple said they were following the stories online and were quite surprised at how fast the news spread.

They admitted to receiving numerous calls from journalists but to avoid being misquoted, they opted to address the issue together.

Size 8 confirmed that she 'ran away' from their matrimonial home because she was angry at her husband over something he had done.

"Yes I ran away and I was very angry at DJ Mo...I just needed space to breathe and talk to God because I believe when my emotions are so high we can be rude to each other if we happen to be under the same roof.

"Many people are wondering if we told the media, we didn't," she said.

DJ Mo and Size 8. [Instagram]

DJ Mo confirmed that on the said day they differed over a number of issues and he was mad but was surprised when he did not find his wife at home in the evening.

Size 8, on her part, said she did not leave for a 'small reason' but her husband apologized and they resolved their issues amicably.

They added that they have patched up their differences and sought guidance from the clergy who advised them on how best to go about their disputes.

DJ Mo [Instagram]

We face challenges just like anyone else

The couple admitted that just like any other couple, they have their bad days and they should not be blown out of proportion.

"People exaggerate when celebrities have issues in marriage. Every marriage has challenges. Let us pray for our marriages and we should always forgive each other.

"We are real. We fight, we disagree, we laugh, we cry but we move," they said.

Further, they assured their fans that they were not out to clout chase.