Musician Tanasha Donna (Photo: Instagram)

Musician Tanasha Donna has revealed that she is currently not in any romantic relationship. Speaking at an interview, the mother of one also announced that she is currently hopeful that her Mr Right is out there and she will keep searching.

“I am single, maybe there is someone who could potentially be the next guy,” she said.

Revealing the type of man she wants, Tanasha who has a son with Bongo Star Diamond Platinumz, believes that character is more important than looks.

“I have met a lot of good-looking guys with nasty character, that is a turnoff. Character is very key,” she said.

Tanasha went ahead to explain that she wants an equally or even more hardworking partner who actually believes in God.

“I want someone who is hard working and a believer. Someone who loves God more than he loves me. I also want a hardworking man. I am working to make something for myself so I want someone who is making something for himself as well.” She said.

She however clarified that her ideal man does not have to be wealthy but has to be a purpose-driven individual.

“You don't have to be rich and grounded; you can't just be out here you have to have a purpose. I am a very deep person; I do not hand around a lot of people but the people I hang around fulfil my purpose,” she said.

Her sentiments come barely a week after she admitted that unlike in the past, Diamond is really trying to be a good father to their child. Speaking at a local radio station, Tanasha acknowledged that she has to give credit where it's due, and Diamond has been doing his best to be a good father to their child.

“Honestly, he is trying to be a good dad and I have to give him credit for that,” she said.