Murugi Munyi. [Courtesy]

Murugi Munyi, who initially went by the name Yummy Mummy on social media, turned 32 on Wednesday.

As she was celebrating herself, she shared a stunning photo on her Instagram page with the caption: ‘A legend was born today! Grateful for another trip around the sun. Murugi, keep making the years count, history will remember you. I’m 32 y’all!’

The photo comes after she said that for her 32nd birthday, she decided to gift herself with cosmetic surgery. Speaking in a recent interview with Massawe Japanni, Murugi Munyi revealed that she started to gain weight after her third child and she is not planning on having another one. 

The mother of three said that she weighed 120kgs which pushed her to go to the gym and got to 88kgs but something about her lower belly wasn’t sitting right with her hence the surgery. 

"After my third child my weight went to 120kg and I knew I had to do something. I was discouraged, being in front of the camera, my belly was something that was always on my mind. I had to think of how to 'swallow' and hide it," Yummy Mummy said.

She further added that the surgery was quite affordable and she is happy that she did it. Yummy mummy said that she spent around Sh600,000 compared to other places which charge close to a million Kenyan shillings. 

"It was just under Sh600,000. It was quite affordable. There are hospitals where the surgery can cost Sh1 million. Getting lipo in Africa is still a taboo but in the US and the UK it's very common," she said. 

After her surgery, Murugi Munyi has been sharing her healing journey with some of her followers who are planning to take the same path.  She has admitted that the surgery is not as easy as it may look but, beauty is pain. Happy birthday Murugi Munyi! 



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