A number of Kenyan male celebrities are quite fashionable [Courtesy]

The best dressed male celebrities are those hunks who constantly appear dapper and well put together as they strut down the red carpet prior to movie premieres, at awards shows, or in photoshoots. These men are not just the top actors, musicians, athletes and other celebrities in the world today but also the best dressed around.

A number of Kenyan male celebrities are quite fashionable, well, that is of course, without ignoring the fact that some of them have got a pretty horrible sense of fashion. Below we have sampled a few:

Dufanda brothers

The hair 'hustlers' who dress better than Kenyan stars. They are believed to be the trendsetters when it comes to street fashion. They have a unique touch when it comes to fashion and have left their fans in awe of their fashion sense.

Diman Mkare

Meet the designer who can do it all. Dresses others and still dresses himself to impress. Diman not only designs his own clothes and has his own fashion empire, but he also has a unique taste for style.




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The Number Nane rapper loves fashion to the extent of launching his own fashion brands. 'Seasaw888', a street wear brand and 'Shadeshares' which designs and manufactures custom made sunglasses. Making it in the rap game can be hard enough as it is. But making it in the fashion world as well? That's a whole different ball game.

Hope Kid

Hope Kid has his Instagram page flooded with photos looking all stylish like he's being paid for it. The gospel artiste is on drip and has his fans praising him for his taste in fashion and great sense of style.

Jamal Gaddafi

Jamal was voted 2020 most stylish male media personality in this year's East Africa Fashion Awards. There's no denying how stylish Jamal is, from how easily he transitions from casual outfits like denim and a t shirt to more formal ones. The TV personality has always given ladies sleepless nights with his charming looks and sense of style.

Ben Cyco

Ben Cyco believes you don't have to have it all to dress to impress. He also firmly believes style is how you choose to present or express yourself to the world. In his dressing, the gospel artiste chooses to be simple but stylish.


Being an outstanding disk jockey and still killing it in fashion, DJ CNG is all set to impress. He is mostly spotted donning casual attire both while working and kicking it back and enjoying his leisure time.

Kagwe Mungai



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Ever since Kagwe joined the industry, his music, personality and style have evolved. At some point he was really into prints and now he mixes it up a bit. But simply put, it's African, fun and effortlessly cool.

Hassan Joho

Joho is one of the most stylish governors around. His simple yet elegant look is quite something.



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Brian Ogana

Brian, popularly known as 'Luwi', loves fashion and has good taste when it comes to style. The journalist has always shared alluring photos on his Instagram page all dressed up and stylish, both in casual wear and formal outfits.

Guardian Angel

Not only is he a talented musician but also a fashionista with a striking sense of style. He has always talked about his passion for fashion, his personal style and even dished some fashion advice to Kenyan men.

Moji Shortbaba

He is very ‘fashion-savvy’ and has a very unique sense of style. He loves sneakers, good casual clothes and he is capable of beating Rick Ross in the finals of the World Beard Awards, if such awards ever existed.

DJ Sadic

He is the mix genius and one of the most celebrated DJs in town. This guy has got some taste! good taste. He has graced our TV screens with his attractive sense of fashion. With his catchy dreadlocks, DJ Sadic has recently proven that he is the most stylish DJ in town.

Willy Paul

When it comes to stylish formal swag, Willy Paul has it. The 'I do' hitmaker is notably one of the best dressed Kenyan celebrities.

Otile Brown



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He is a versatile dresser and whether official or casual, he always ends up looking like a BOSS and of course like a snack given that he has the looks to die for.


Masterpiece, born Emmanuel King, loves to be unique and comes off as very fashion-forward in his trendy outfits. The gospel artiste doesn't shy away from dressing in a cool style.

Mash Mwana



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Even when hustling as an artiste, Mash still keeps it clean and neat in his wardrobe and choice of style. He swings from casual wear to slightly formal and still looks stunning.