Alan and Jalang'o [Photo: Instagram]

Businessman Allan Chesang on August 24, 2020, celebrated his birthday in a surprise private party graced by family and close friends at Lavington, Nairobi.

"In my life, I have never celebrated my birthday but today, courtesy of my friends; Avril, Jalang'o and KRG the Don, I have. Thank you, friends. Thank you Allan Chesang Foundation family. I'm humbled and honoured," posted the Blend entrepreneur. 

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Below are some of the photos from the lavish event.

The team [Photo: Instagram]
Allan and Avril [Photo: Instagram]


[Photo: Instagram]
KRG and Allan [Photo: Instagram]
Allan and Jalang'o [Photo: Instagram]
The team [Photo: Instagram]
Allan and the team [Photo: Instagram]
The team [Photo: Instagram]