“What are cameras for?" a social media user asked Wahu.

Veteran singer Wahu Kagwi was recently prompted to explain herself after criticism for sharing pictures of herself donating items to needy families during a charity drive on social media.

“Earlier today myself, Lucy Karume and Gloria Ndekei (women leaders of KEPSA) handed over 200 care packs to ex in-mates of Lang’ata Women’s prison, under the Clean Start umbrella. Thank you @chandariaindustries for your kind donation. Supporting your brother or sister in need is supporting yourself,” captioned Wahu.

Although the majority of her fans commended her for a good job, a section was not pleased with the fact that she posted about it.  A user by the name Aisha took to the singer’s comment section to question why she had to validate her good deed by taking pictures and posting them on social media.

“What are cameras for? Mkipeana vitu za maana mnaweza tumia camera,” she commented.

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In her defence the Afro Siri CEO explained that the aim of posting charity drives on social media was to appreciate the partners behind the initiative.

“Cameras are for appreciating partners who support an initiative, and also to encourage others corporates and individuals to do what they can. Don’t be so negative. You only see what I let you see. There's a lot which you don’t know because it doesn’t need to be known,” responded Wahu.

On the positive side, the Sweet Love crooner touched many with her input in making lives easier for families affected by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

“God bless you guys,” commented one as another thanked Wahu for setting a good example and her admirable compassion.

“Your compassion is admirable and I wish everyone capable would emulate your example. Thanks for your compassion. May God bless you and your family as well as KEPSA in abundance?”

Wazi sana madam sweet love,” added another.

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With Wahu’s recent donation the singer has joined an endless list of Kenyan celebrities that have taken it upon themselves to give to the needy, with popular singer Akothee being on the forefront. For her birthday the Akothee Foundation CEO purchased maize flour worth over Sh500, 000 for the Emergency Relief and Household support program.

“The month of April being my birthday month and most of my family members, I saw it prudent not to celebrate my birthday alone but to share with the community and right now I have donated 100 bales of Unga to Kilifi County courtesy of Akothee the artist and from Akothee Foundation.”