Dolvin Kemunto Onchonga [Photo: Courtesy]

A woman has been arraigned in court for allegedly assaulting her husband.

Dolvin Kemunto Onchonga, 29 is alleged to have splashed hot water on her husband Peter Mwangi, 34, on April 21, at 83 Park Apartments in Nairobi.

Police said a fight broke out after the accused ordered her husband out of their home. She is said to have demanded that her husband, who was already asleep, to leave and seek alternative accommodation.

The court heard that Kemunto was unhappy with her husband after he allegedly abandoned her and her children for four days.

The attack left the complainant with injuries on the face, shoulders and neck. In her defence, Kemunto said: “My husband wanted to coerce my younger sisters to sleep with him.”

She was granted a cash bail of Sh50,000 pending hearing on July 19.