Jacqueline Wolper

Just the other day, Tanzanian actress, Jacqueline Wolper, expressed her love for Kenya to the point of sharing a photo of Uhuru Kenyatta and first lady on her Instagram captioned, ‘Mr president #my second home.’

To cement her love for our great country, Wolper, Harmonize’s ex, further opened up in the comment section her desire to date a Kenyan man. She went on to add that should she get one the next step was to get pregnant.

‘’…siwezi kudanga na siku nikikamata mmoja ni mimba Tuu..’’ her comment read in part.

Turns out she has had a change of heart and is no longer interested with foreign men.

Talking to Amani newspaper, the pretty lass revealed that she no longer has interest in dating men outside her nationality having done that in the past.

‘’Sifikirii kabisa kutoa penzi langu kwa mwanaume ambaye siyo raia wa nchi yangu kwa sasa kwa sababu huko nyuma nilipitia huko lakini sasa sihitaji tena kama nimeamua kupendana na mwanaume basi atakuwa ni wa nchi yangu tu,’’ she said.

The actress who had a bad breakup with bongo artist Harmonize last year has been linked to a Congolese man but that too hit the fan.

The actress is currently single and has expressed her hopes of opening a boutique in Kenya to cater to her local clients.

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