It is an open secret [Photo: Courtesy]

If the craving for lungula hits you and you are broke, just visit Makongeni slums. Good customers here can get sex on credit, The Nairobian has learnt.

But you will have to pay up on the agreed date without fail, unless of course, you are immune to embarrassment unleashed by the town’s prostitutes.

And if you are a client from outside Thika town, say Nairobi, an ID or passport is a vital document that must be produced before you negotiate for services.

The two documents will determine how much you will be charged.  Just so you know, passport holders pay more, because you are rich, stupid!

Those who get sex on credit but fail to pay up in time have every reason to worry. One, the sex workers are feared for using witchcraft to make difficult clients pay up. So, the next time you find yourself itching to clear that debt, well, it is because your image is sitting in some smoky pot in Kitui!

You can’t even warm your way out with counterfeit cash, because these ‘service providers’ only accept mobile money. The few who take cash prefer coins! Those with new notes have their monies subjected to serious scrutiny, as they do in banks.

Located a few kilometres from Thika town, the sprawling Makongeni slum is ever bright with lights from gas lamps. Casual labourers and students from neighbouring colleges are the main clients and the mkopo comes quite handy.

Clients pay between Sh100 and Sh150. However, those who seek ‘goods’ on credit have to pay the regular fee which attracts a 50 per cent interest.

But why give sex on credit.

“These men are broke most of the time. That is why we had to come up with a business model that is favourable to them. It is sustainable,” one of the sex workers told The Nairobian.

But who are the clients?

“Our clients are mostly watu wa mjengo. This was a virgin and an untapped market.  These people you see here are moneyed like the county government. They toil and moil to make a living, which is why they need us to help them relax,” a sex worker told The Nairobian.

Sammy Kuria, a church youth leader, however, says that people should not fall for such temptations where one is lured to have sex on credit.

“The devil is cunning, such offers are there to attract more customers and destroy our society. What will become of our society if such behaviours continue? Only prayers can deliver them from such traps,” said Kuria.