They are still flocking the coastal city [Photo: Courtesy]

Is a recent directive by President Uhuru Kenyatta – that all government conferences should be held in state institutions- one of those decrees that has no consequence?

Months after he issued the directive, MPs who are part of the three arms of government still flock to Mombasa in droves for seminar.

The legislators are flown to the coastal city and spend their night’s in the most expensive hotels, with an already overburdened taxpayer footing the bill. 

Considering that most of the lawmakers are allied to the President’s Jubilee party, could this be a perfect example of preaching water and drinking wine?


 Residents of a county in the Rift Valley are regretting why they voted out their first Governor. 

This is after the current holder of the office turned out to be a very tight-fisted individual.  

Recently, during a fundraiser, the stingy county chief gave a measly amount a matter that did not amuse those in attendance. 

 The little donation became a subject of debate on social media, with many agreeing that the Governor’s stinginess may likely jeopardize his re-election in 2022. 

 It is understood that the aides of the politician are on the verge of giving up on their boss for being so mean.