Brian Weke

Former Buruburu tout-turned-humanitarian, Brian Weke, has an expensive hobby.

The aspiring politician loves collecting cars. And no, we are not talking about anything from Japan or other Asian country.

Heads Up can authoritatively confirm that Brian’s parking lot has at least five powerful German machines.

He is mostly spotted driving a Mercedes S-Class 320, but behind the doors of his garage, there rests a Mercedes E240, a 124 with WEKE1 as his customised number plate, a convertible SLK, a Chrysler Crossfire and a 1995 Mercedes E230, which happens to be his oldest car. His latest addition is a Land Cruiser.

The Mercedes S-Class of course is the most expensive valued at Sh5.5million, while the cheapest is the 1995 E230, which goes for Sh420,000.

Before Heads Up got a sneak peek of the toys in his garage, we had bumped into the flashy Institute of Education and Democracy boss with the Mercedes E230.

He was showing it to a curious car enthusiast who was impressed by its full-leather interior. That’s how we started snooping into his garage.

The Land Cruiser on the other hand happens to be a former ambulance which we hear he has been spotted driving in the city twice. He is yet to convert it to its regular look.

Brian however won’t reveal how he affords such an expensive hobby, or even if all the cars are indeed his. In a classic celeb style of dodging gossip columnists, he said, “I don’t know why you would sneak into my property, but so what if I’m a Mercedes collector?”