Khaligraph and Erick Omondi
Khaligraph Jones has dropped a diss targeted at Erick Omondi In the rap, Khaligraph warns Omondi against crossing his path Their beef started after Omondi took to social media and commented on Khaligraph’s Range Rover

The beef between Hip Hop heavyweight Khaligraph Jones aka Papa Jones and celebrated comedian Erick Omondi is not ending soon after the rapper dropped a hard hitting diss track.

Khaligraph and Erick Omondi for attacking him that the red Range Rover that he owned was allegedly not his and belonged to sugar mommy.

In the diss, Khaligraph spits fire and warns Omondi against crossing his path admonishing him for insinuating that he takes perks from sugar mummies.

 “Yo, and this one nataka kupatia Erick mi ni psycho utadhani madame wa Nyeri ntakukata transformer ju we ni f@**a mtapeli wasee unafaa kubeef nao ni yule buda wa githeri,” freestyled Khaligraph.

Their supposed beef started after Omondi took to the social app “Olla” and commented on Khaligraph’s new Range Rover.

In the conversation with a fan that was since leaked to Olla users, Omondi alleged that a Hurlingham sugar mummy had gifted Khaligraph the car.

“Point ni, Usidanganywe na kizungu mingi na muscles…watu ni wa fake hapa Nairobi…mpaka melanin sio oriji bwana.” Posted Omondi.

To which Khaligraph told him to go to a gas station and fill himself up for being too skinny. And indeed Omondi went to the petrol station and fired back escalating the feud further.