I was in a supermarket which has branches nearly all over the country and l had selected a 3 litre water bottle.

I made sure I called a supervisor to confirm the price and it was Sh108.

However, at the counter l was told it was Sh145 and I was shocked. The supervisor was alerted and he was not satisfied and sent me back with an attendant to the shelves.

I showed the attendant the label of Sh108. She then confirmed to the supervisor that it was indeed Sh108.

The supervisor then called the attendant in charge of the section in my presence and added Sh10 on top of the Sh145 in my presence.

I also met two ladies with the same complaints. They had a green bottle and were telling the supervisor that the price was Sh150 at the shelves while the attendant was arguing that it was Sh200 at the counter. Thereafter they left and I also left.

How are consumers protected? How many items have they increased their prices and no one has complained?

Who constantly checks the prices of items in the supermarkets against the arbitrary price increase?

If a supermarket can add 50% to an item in front of a customer, we need checks and balance of goods to avoid customers being oppressed.

We will end up with 10 millionaires against 10 million beggars living in poverty in Kenya, to quote the late J M Kariuki.