Beautician Irene Lucinda Ogali-Hauffe

When it comes to matters of beauty, descendants of Eve can do anything. From eating their own placenta to having snails smear their slimy stuff on their face, women do not take their face value lightly. They will even have ‘omena’ nibble away dead cells from their feet.

 Now in Nairobi is a new beauty therapy which involves paraffin (or mafuta taa) all in the name of clearing away wrinkles?

 Paraffin waxing as the procedure is known, began in Europe a little over a decade ago to administer thermal relief to people suffering from arthritis, bursitis and chronic joint inflammation. Now, along Ngong’ Road, beautician Irene Lucinda Ogali-Hauffe is using it to wash away wrinkles.

 Speaking to City Biz, Lucinda claims paraffin waxing is a tried and tested beauty procedure which she did for over ten years abroad before relocating to Kenya this year.

 “I trained as a beautician in Frankfurt and started doing this in Germany in 2005 before relocating last year,” said Lucinda.

In the eight months she has been in business at her premise along Adams Arcade, she acquired 500 clients.

“It makes you look younger; softens the skin and makes it smooth. Mostly it’s done on arms and legs,” said the beautician adding that, “And no, don’t pour paraffin on you and wait for the magic... There is a special machine and procedure. The machine called Paraffin Bath is an oversized, commercial aesthetician grade spa for professional paraffin treatments, providing fast-acting heat relief for sore, tired muscles and joints.” 

It holds up to 3kgs of paraffin wax, allowing full wrist and ankle coverage. It also features a precise digital temperature control, a see-through spill-resistant locking lid, and a removable slanted grid that provides a filtering system for sediment as well as an ergonomic foot rest.

 The procedure uses paraffin wax which is melted on the machine. Hands or feet are quickly immersed in the heated liquid wax and then withdrawn so that the wax solidifies to form an insulating layer. The procedure is repeated until the layer is 5 to 10 mm thick, and then the entire area is wrapped in an insulating material, such as a loose-fitting plastic bag or paper towels.

 “You won’t smell like paraffin, because the wax is a special kind of paraffin. And the machine also takes care of it. After the procedure, we clean your hands well,” said Lucinda.

 She told City Biz the procedure costs Sh1,500 at the least, and that she set up her business with Sh5 Million.

 “I can only hope the money comes back, because I’m even thinking of going to a mall in the future,” she said.
So next time you light a lantern, know the paraffin can make you younger!