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Just when you thought you had heard it all, this is what we came across. A group calling itself Nairobi Cougar Lounge, a private members club based in Lavington is making a shocking but lucrative offer to young men with a big sexual appetite.

"We have started this new experience for all young Kenyan men who would love to get satisfied and get paid....What we want is very simple. We invite you to spend some quality time with women at our private club in Lavington. We pay you to go satisfy their deep intimate desires at Sh15,000 - Sh20,000 per day depending on their appetite," the online post read.

Apparently, according to the post, the club is hosting women above 40, blacks and whites, who insist that any young man visiting must have energy and great skills to satisfy them because most of them are lonely.

"Simply, we are mature women who find deep intimate pleasure and satisfaction in young energetic men, or we just sleep with young guys for fun..." the post specified.