Looks like local celebs aren’t feeling the dreadlocks vibe! After Radio Maisha presenter, Nick Odhiambo shaved his dreads, comedian Obinna has followed suit.

Well, for Obinna he was paid Sh1million for the big shave!

In a video sent to Heads Up, comedian Obinna is dared by his friend Richie to shave his dreadlocksfor a Sh500,000 reward.

However, Obinna demands Sh1 million, which Richie agrees to. A rather shocked Obinna asks,  “Richie are you serious? Richie are you serious if I go with this money you will not call me?” Richie then replies, “I am serious”. He gets the scissors and shaves Obinna’s hair.

Later, Obinna is seen exiting the establishment with the money. Speaking to Heads Up,  Obinna said, “I could not believe it, the whole thing started as a joke, but when he got out the money, it got real. I can always grow back my dreads or buy new ones.”