Bishop John Nduati of Gods power Church and Ministry at his residence in Nairobi  Photo:Collins Kweyu

Controversial bishop John Nduati who recently graduated with a first class degree in Business Administration, Human Resource Management from Methodist University has hit out at uneducated pastors, saying they are the blight in the church.

Nduati, who leads Church of God’s Power claims, that lack of education amongst Kenyan pastors is the reason why many men of cloth fake miracles and take advantage of their flock.

“After getting my degree, I can see things from a different perspective and I have become a better man and a better preacher,” explained Nduati.

The preacher says he was motivated by his son who is now in the Form III at Alliance High School. “My son’s performance in his KCPE motivated me to go back to school and get a degree. I have now applied for a Master degree.”

Bishop Nduati hit the headlines in the early 2000s when he claimed to have powers to heal chronic diseases like cancer and Aids.

“People still come to my church for healing, but I am now educated and I want to say that I don’t heal. I am just but a vessel that God uses to heal people. It’s your belief in God that heals you. It is God who heals you, not Nduati. I am just a servant of God,” explained Nduati who was once at a centre of a messy divorce case.

“I don’t want to talk about my ex-wife. I am now single, and of course, I get a lot of attention from women but I have learnt to dismiss it and focus on the more important things in life,” he says, quoting Proverbs 19:14 ? houses and wealth are inherited from parents, but a prudent wife is from the Lord.

“I am single and ready to marry. I am still waiting for a good wife from the Lord,” says Nduati who attended his graduation ceremony in a helicopter.

“Graduation is a big deal, just like a marriage,” he said.