Deputy President William Ruto has offered his two daughters to any “daring” Mumias bachelor.

Ruto who visited the town over Easter indicated that he would not hinder any potential bachelor’s efforts.

“Hawa ni watoto wangu, Sherlyn na Stephany. Nimeona nitembee nao. Sasa nyinyi wenyewe mutajitetea, mutajipange,” (here I give you my daughters, Sherlyn and Stephany with whom I have visited your town. Those interested will have to argue their case).”

The crowd went wild as Sherlyn and Stephany reacted to their dad’s remarks.

A few courageous men appeared to share a word or two with the friendly girls as DP Ruto looked on.

Those who were caught off guard by the unexpected ‘offer’ however remained rooted to the spot.

“I think the DP could be interested in tapping the Nabongo Mumias (leadership) genes by specifically offering his girls to people from Mumias,” said Alfred Obongita who watched the unfolding events from a distance as excited men milled around the girls.

“I am a Wanga and obviously have the Nabongo genes, but those people (VIPs) are shaky. I can convince the girl to adjust to my humble status, but I doubt her father would give me the chance, I might even end up in jail,” said Obongita.

The Deputy President and his daughters seemed to be at home and comfortable with the crowd, his bodyguards hardly in sight.

The DP was with his pilot and the two daughters who after touring Mumias went on to Bungoma for another function.