Mutahi Ngunyi

He does not shy from controversy, and more than once, through a Twitter handle that bears his name, political analyst Mutahi Ngunyi  has stirred emotions on Kenya’s social media.

The latest is a Twitter exchange with ODM Director of Communications, Philip Etale, which observers posit is beneath his stature as a revered strategist since Etale is a ‘pin weight party operative.’

It all started when political temperatures were being salted by the sugar debate and a Twitter post appeared on Mutahi’s account reading; “Raila should be put on TRIAL. The JUDGE: poverty stricken LUOs. And LUHYAs craving his bondage. CHARGE: selfishness, selfishness, selfishness.” That was the start of a three-day long tirade on Twitter.

Homabay MP Glady’s Wanga (@gladyswanga) replied, “Poverty stricken luos marry meru.”

She was referring to the imminent nuptials between businessman Jared Otieno and Kendi Mwiti that had the country talking of the sheer star wattage.

Immediately, everyone else came out firing on all cylinders, targeting Mutahi. Boni Khalwale (@KBoniMtetezi) reminded him of an audit report on NYS.
“Good afternoon sir, have u cleared ua name over graft at NYS? We are waiting 4 th audit report b4 we come for u! Utashangaa!” wrote Khalwale.

Ekuru Aukot (@Eaukot) responding to another tweep on the same matter said it may be a worse situation where he comes from. Dr David Matsanga standing with Mutahi said it was not selfishness but poverty of faith.
“Ugandans call it “Obukoop bwo mutimai” meaning poverty of the heart. Thanks,” said Matsanga.

Etale seemed angry in his response and started a brawl with Mutahi. Etale’s first response on his account @EtalePhilip said that poverty was in Ngunyi’s backyard.
“You speak for luhya, you stink sh*t. Let Luhya people speak for themselves. You won’t divert their attention,” he said. “I have no apologies for my response to @MutahiNgunyi. He insults @RailaOdinga, the response will be INSULTS,” added Etale later.

Mutahi, who once referred to Raila as a ‘slow punctured politician’ (a term used on his dad, Jaramogi Oginga Odinga by Justice Richard Kwach in 1987), was accused in July of allegedly plagiarising a post from a Nigerian’s Facebook page.

—Irvin Jalang’o