Police have denied that President Uhuru Kenyatta slapped one of his bodyguards upon returning from the ICC on October 9.

The unlucky bodyguard allegedly faced the President’s wrath when he tried to stop an unidentified man from shaking Uhuru’s hand. Uhuru allegedly slapped the security man before embracing Bernard Njoroge.

A police officer privy to the President’s security said Uhuru merely restrained the bodyguard who was preventing Njoroge from getting close to the president’s car.

“He ordered the bodyguard not to block the man who was shouting his name from the crowd. He beckoned for the man to come forward and they briefly exchanged pleasantries, before the President pulled out some cash and gave the man for lunch. It appeared that the two know each other well because of their Gatundu background,” explained the officer.

Nairobi County CID head Nicholas Kamwende said nobody was slapped, stating that bodyguards had tried to prevent Njoroge from moving close to the President who intervened and asked that the man be allowed to approach the car.

“No, there was no slapping. I think the President recognised the man very well before allowing his bodyguards to let him move closer for a hearty handshake,” said the CID boss.