Sinach              Photo:Courtesy

By Wesley Kipng'enoh (@Wesss_kipp)

Celebrated Nigerian Singer Osinachi Kalu popularly known as Sinach could be coming to Kenya for the first time before the end of the year.

While details of her concert are still scanty, sources close to the organisers reveal that plans are under way to secure the singer for a Nairobi concert.

Her hit song I Know Who I Am released in 2013 catapulted her to global stage as the catchy melody played across Africa.

Sinach who is currently in a world tour in Australia is said to have met with the organisers  to discuss the Nairobi tour. "Its going to rock Nairobi"  The source reveals, adding that further information would be be given at a later date.

Given the different successful concerts Sinach has done across the globe, she is  definitely  a crowd puller owing to her style of gospel music.  "Its going to be a concert worth remembering." She adds.

Born  and raised in Nigeria's Southern State of Ebonyi, The gospel singer has risen to become a house hold name in the West African country and has been bestowed  with music accolades