Ali Kiba and Diamond said they were considering releasing a collabo

By Sheila Kimani (@sheilakimm)                   

Tanzania’s musical heavy weights, Ali Kiba and Diamond Platnumz have for the longest time been perceived as rivals not just in showbiz circles, but in real life as well.

Although both of them have refuted the allegations severally, with claims that their different camps are the ones fighting and not them, fans have not bought the explanation and have continued to fuel their long time ‘beef’.

This situation got even more awkward when Ali Kiba talked about Diamond’s sister, Queen Darlene, during a local radio interview.

During his interview with Planet Bongo on East Africa Radio, the ‘Chekecha Cheketua’ crooner revealed that he really misses Queen Darlene – Diamond’s sister- with whom he used to sing with back in the days. He even reminisced on how close they were back then.

The two had worked together in a song dubbed ‘Wajua’ some years ago, before Diamond’s Industry dominancy but that changed with time.

“Queen Darleen alikuwa mkongwe katika gemu na tulikuwa na ukaribu sana,” Said Ali Kiba. “Kiukweli muda mwingi huwa nina ‘M-miss’ sababu mimi na yeye kuna vitu vingi tulikuwa tukiendana kama washikaji. Muda mwingine akili yangu na yake ni kama sawa vile”,He added.

Currently, Ali Kiba and Queen Darlene are not in good terms with rumour mills having it that this could be because of his stand-off with her brother Diamond.