Two city police officers are embroiled in a love triangle with a hawker's wife. More shocking is how the two police officers from Dandora Police Station in Nairobi have been secretly seeing the woman. On January 2 this year, the alleged husband, Ali, reportedly busted one of the officers in a compromising situation with the woman he says is his wife.

"I knew my wife was cheating but didn't have concrete evidence and I set a trap. I planted spies to watch over my wife's movements, who would report to me that when I am away, there's a man who sleeps in my house. Last year on December 16 when I had gone to bring more stock, one of the cops slept in my house and I was informed," said Ali.
"When I came back, I didn't ask anything. Given that every new year my wife is never in the house, I told her I was going to Nakuru on December 29 and that I would be back on January 5. I gave her Sh4,000 as upkeep money and left."

According to Ali, on New Year's eve, he sent his wife New Year wishes but none of them was responded to, prompting him to come back home unannounced.
On January 2, at around 6.45am, he says he knocked on the door and no one came to open it. Ali said that the wife asked who he was and he identified himself, strangely, she told him to drop the luggage he was carrying through the window.

I saw the legs of a man

"I noticed the window was not locked from inside, I opened it and in our matrimonial bed, I saw the legs of a man. With fury, I rushed to the door and swung it open forcefully, I met Jeff and my wife naked in our matrimonial bed," said Ali.
Ali said a fist fight ensued, when he (police officer) got some space, he rushed to the kitchen, took a knife and threatened to kill him.
"I ran out of the house and he followed me, he caught up with me and we started fighting. Onlookers who were attracted by the scuffle came and separated us," said Ali.
At Dandora Police Station, a statement was recorded and the police agreed that 'Jeff' should be charged with 'threatening to kill'.

The cop's colleagues told The Nairobian he had just come from honeymoon leave. The case was referred to Buruburu Divisional Police headquarters.
Buruburu Sub-county Police Commander, Francis Kamau, declined to comment on the matter saying he transferred the case to the DCI who have the apparatus to investigate the matter. However, the policeman told The Nairobian that it's Ali who invaded his privacy by disturbing their peace, saying the woman is his wife and not Ali's.
"The house where Ali found me sleeping is my house," he said in a phone interview with The Nairobian.
When asked whether he knew Ali and the wife has a child he said: "What I know, we have been with the woman for many years and she had a child when we met."

The woman also disowned Ali
"Ali is not my husband, he is hoodwinking you (media) to believe that we live together as husband at wife.
The second police officer allegedly started having an affair with her as early as 2016 when they had just married each other, according to Ali.
"My wife had saved a number as 'Njeri' who would call at the wee hours of the night and they would always converse in their native 'Kikuyu' dialect. One day, she was send Sh1,000 followed by a love message from 'Njeri'. The M-Pesa name turned out to be a man," said Ali
According to Ali, he reported the matter to the police station and they were asked to solve the matter amicably. However, it did not stop and they went on to have fights over this.