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Siaya pastor confesses to killing minor

By Olivia Odhiambo - April 16th 2022
The pastor is being held at Aram Police Station. [iStockphoto] 

Police in Siaya County are holding a pastor over the disappearance of a nine-year-old girl he allegedly confessed to have killed.

The girl was allegedly last seen with the pastor in Asembo, Rarieda sub-county.

She is said to have been picked by the pastor last Sunday while playing with other children.

The parents started searching for the girl on Sunday evening after she failed to return home.

They found out from the other children that the girl had been picked by the pastor. 

West Asembo Chief Wycliffe Odiango said the matter had been reported to the police who arrested the pastor. 

He at first told the police her body was in Siaya town but changed his mind when they got to Siaya to pick it claiming it was in Asembo. 

“The pastor picked the girl on Sunday, April 10, and then took her to an unknown destination. She has never been seen again. He has not said where the body is,” claimed Odiango.

The pastor is being held at Aram Police Station. An irate mob had earlier stormed the pastor’s home, where they torched all the houses before proceeding to the church where he ministers and burnt it down.

Odiango claimed the pastor confessed to the parents of the girl that he had killed her.

“He asked them to forget about her. Initially, he said the child was in Siaya town but they were not able to find her. When the parents decided to take him to the police, he confessed to having killed her,” the chief further claimed.

Siaya Police Commander Michael Muchiri said the pastor confessed to having been the last one to see the girl.

Muchiri said the police are still trying to convince the pastor to reveal where the girl is.

“We cannot talk about the death or murder now until we can confirm that. We are trying to get information on where the child is. He has been giving conflicting reports. We have also established that the pastor is the child’s uncle,” added Muchiri.

In another incident in South East Alego, one person was killed in a fight.

Two young men were involved in a fight during a meeting on Friday around 3am before one was killed.

Muchiri said the victim was hit with an iron rod and died on the spot. 

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