University students from Kenya Methodist University were in for a rude shock after the dean of students reminded them to dress in “acceptable in the various fields of work”.

The Christian-based institution is one of the private universities and colleges that hold strict dressing codes.

Dr Esther Mbaabu reminded students in a statement to uphold the laid-back dress code and maintain their style while on campus.

“All students are to adopt a style of dressing and appearance that would be acceptable in various fields of work and society in general,” the statement said.
The students, however, read from a different script because they believe it will only be for a short time before returning to normalcy.

“I don’t think they’ll pursue us all year. We will continue to dress as we see fit for the time being. After all, we pay tuition and have the ability to make decisions,” said Peter Kariuki, a Business student.

Tumbo cut, bare backs, miniskirts, a skirt with slits above the knee line, body-tight trousers, see-through cloths, and dresses running down the neckline more than four inches are all prohibited for female students.

While rasta, plaited hair, earrings, untucked shirts, vests showing bare chests, and hats were prohibited in classes and offices for male students.
Other institutions in this category include NIBS Technical College, Strathmore University, and Daystar. “Some days at NIBS, they check how we’re dressed right from the gate when we clock in from the main gate. However, that doesn’t mean that some of us don’t get away with some unacceptable dress code,” Hospitality student Jane Muriuki said.

As the Kenya Methodist University (KEMU) prepares to reopen in the coming weeks, the administration has implemented a new dress code for all students.

The university sponsored by the Methodist church has banned some dressings favoured by the majority of the youth, citing church ethics as the reason for the controversial ban.

The circular, dated January 5, 2023, and addressed to all students by the university dean of students Dr Esther Mbaabu, requires all students to comply at a time when students are still on vacation. “The Dean of Students wishes to encourage all students to adopt a style of dressing and appearance that is acceptable in various fields of work and society in general,” Mbaabu said.