Bishop, 84, ties the knot with young woman


Vihiga, Kenya: An 84-year-old bishop over the weekend exchanged marriage vows with a woman believed to be in her early thirties.

Church of God in East Africa (Kenya) Bishop Byrum Makhokha, married Ms Grace Irene Adava at a colourful ceremony at the church’s Kima Mission headquarters in Luanda, Vihiga County over the weekend.

The bride graduated from Kima Theological College three years ago with a diploma in Theology,

Anglican Church of Kenya Maseno South Diocese Bishop Francis Mwai Abiero presided the ceremony.

The event was strictly for the invited guests and journalists were escorted out of the church’s precincts by heavily armed Administration Police officers who were under strict orders.

The public looked on from outside the church’s compound as the vows were exchanged inside. The few invited guests and members of their families said they were happy for the two lovebirds.

Bishop Mwai  bemoaned the increased cases of infidelity and urged the newlyweds to remain faithful to each other despite the huge disparity in their ages.

“Many marriages break due to the infidelity that has largely eaten up the society. I urge the newlyweds to remain steadfast in their new found love,” said bishop Mwai.

He noted that the age difference should not act as an excuse for either of the two to bring disharmony in the marriage by indulging in sinful acts which the church does not permit.  

Makhokha’s first wife, Joy, died in 2011 and he has been living alone  until last weekend when he wedded Adava.