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Best foods for hot weather

The sun is hot and it is one of those times we just think of the outdoor activities we can do for fun before the cold rainy season sets in. It is, however, wise to remember that when the sun shines a lot, it is also time to be cautious about the foods we eat, especially in the hydrating sector, and also for the purpose of protecting our skin from harmful UV rays. Here are some of the best foods to indulge in this hot season:


During hot weather, the body easily becomes dehydrated since it loses water to the environment. Dehydration can be uncomfortable and even downright dangerous. Thus, it is important to ensure you take enough water this hot season to avoid dehydration.


In hot temperatures, the body tends to lose vitamins and minerals through sweat and urine, thus posing a danger of deficiencies. It is therefore recommended to eat an extra dose of fruits and vegetables, especially if one spends the day outdoors in the sun in order to replenish depleted vitamin and mineral stores.


This hydrating powerhouse is a perfect fruit snack in hot weather. It is loaded with water to keep you cool and hydrated. The other big bonus is that its red colour depicts the presence of lycopene, an antioxidant that protects you skin from damage by the sun.


Oranges also contain water and thus help to keep you hydrated. Oranges have a good amount of the mineral potassium as well, which is often lost through sweat and urine in hot weather. Replenishing this mineral will help you avoid muscle cramps and keep your fluid balance in check.