Lonyangapuo puts on notice section of his cabinet who failed to turn up & sign performance contract

West Pokot county governor John Lonyangapuo has put on notice a section of his cabinet members who failed to turn up to sign performance contract citing that county officers who fail to execute their duties accordingly will face the axe. The county government had organized the county executive committee and their chief officers to sign the performance contract on Thursday to commit themselves to the execution of their respective departmental mandates and public service delivery for the year 2021/ 2022.

However and it was shocking after half of the cabinet failed to arrive on time at the governor’s residence as he ordered those who arrived late to be locked out of the governor's residents. Five county executive committee CEC members and eleven chief officers were absent during the signing of the performance contract since they had arrived late and were locked out of the meeting.

Addressing a section of his cabinet the area governor ordered the county secretary to issue a show-cause letter to the officials who failed to turn up for the exercise and told them to respond when they will want to sign the performance contract with him. &ldquo Am not going to take this issue lightly, they should mark my words unfortunately this time they won’t be appealing anywhere if they will be sacked, I brought the cabinet to assist the people of West Pokot County in the sensitive dockets.” He said. He added that he can not work single-handedly and that is why he chose to bring a team and if a section of the cabinet members chooses to adulterate their duties it's up to them. “Those who are present will sign the performance contract and commit some specific targets as to when you want to do it.

Will be measuring and rating according to what you have committed yourself to achieve.” He said. He added that he will be conducting impromptu sermons on explanation and on the progress of some of the projects. &ldquo Some contracts have expired and the renewal of the contracts will depend on your performance, it's not a must for it to be renewed, signing of the performance contract will measure and improve the ministries the best performers will be awarded.” He said. Speaking to the press after a section of his cabinet had signed the performance contract Lonyangapuo said last year and part of this year the country was faced with covid 19 challenges which delayed disbursement of funds to the counties.

&ldquo We have decided to engage my cabinet and every accounting officer to commit, sign and deliver herself or himself in order to achieve credible results towards the end of this year.” He said. Lonyangapuo added that performance contracts enhance service delivery to mwananchi and all the challenges that might hinder service delivery are addressed adequately.

&ldquo The main challenge that has been affecting the country at large is that there has been no access to funding from the national government and the little that we get we make sure it is utilized for priority areas like health and other essential departments.” He said. He urged Kenyans to avoid useless politicking before the time is ripe for campaigns and yet the voters require services. “It is a shame we are the only county that makes a lot of political noise rather than focusing on development projects that will be beneficial to our people,” He said.