Student wows residents with improvised sanitizing machine that eliminates chances of recontamination

A Meru University student wowed residents of Nyamusi in Nyamira after exhibiting an improvised sanitizing machine which if used will totally eliminate chances of recontamination when people are washing hands. The student was among exhibitors of strategies of dealing with Covid-19 and water-borne diseases during celebrations of the Global Toilets Day which the county marked at Nyamusi in Nyamira North. The sanitization contraption has levers which when pulled by the leg can release soap and water at intervals as a user can dictate. Odhiambo who is a Bachelor of Science(Physics) student said he came up with the innovation to help counties deal with the Covid-19 pandemic and he offered to teach artisans across counties on how to make more of such machines. According to County Executive in charge of Health Douglas Bosire, Nyamira County was at the verge of being declared an open defecation free area after it reached 97 per cent in toilet coverage. The CEC who was accompanied by his Chief Officer Dr Jack Magara also said the county's fight against Covid was giving the region an upper hand in eradicating water-borne diseases.