H-Town Kids: The Lords of mimicking

The Huruma Kids, famously known as H-Town kids on various social media platforms have taken the internet by storm. From mimicking politicians and celebrities to reenacting famous television shows and movies like Black Panther, they are indeed the talk of the town. But who are they? Formed in August 2019 by Miss Rose Mwaura, H-Town Kids has a growing membership of 23 children. Rose Mwaura an ice-cream seller with a keen eye for observation noticed the hidden talents that her "clients" had. "They would joke around and imitate each other while buying ice-cream. Some would dance with joy when they are given a taste of the ice-cream. Watching them gave me the idea of forming the group," she says. The corridors of their neighborhood are their version of the Hollywood 5th Avenue from where they do their production. Beside the numerous challenges they encounter from lack of finance, inadequate resources to empty stomachs, they are determined to rise from the dust of the H-Town.. The company they provide for each other is a source of courage to get up each day and face the setbacks that come their way. Other than big dreams, their story is one of finding prestige and a feeling of accomplishment from the otherwise uncelebrated dingy slum of Huruma. Kenya's No.1 channel for digital exclusive videos.