Former MP, heckled by rowdy tea farmers while giving his speech during forum at Mogogosiek

Former Konoin MP Julius Kones was forced to cut short his speech after rowdy tea farmers heckled him in Mogogosiek during the forum to hear views from tea farmers led by the committee on delegated legislation led by Tharaka MP George Murugara. Kones who supports the proposed Peter Munya tea regulations was booed and heckled who left the venue. But while addressing the press Dr Kones claimed that KTDA directors ferried hecklers as far Trans Mara adding that no amount of intimidation will deter him. The chair of the committee who is the MP for Tharaka George Murugara said that his committee will take all views and that his committee was behind all efforts to see that tea farmer is assisted to get their rightful share in the tea sector